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- Indoor environment & Health

- Sight projection

- E-DNA and it applications

- Intelligent transport

- Wireless communications

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285, East Luochuan Road,  Shanghai, China

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About Elehope

Shanghai Elehope Electronics Ltd. is a technology company based in Shanghai, China. The company has been continuously involved in technology innovation, technology development, and product development. While developing electronic products for the health and convenient lifestyle of consumers (end users), Elehope also provides technical solutions and services to professional customers (company/organizations) in the related areas.

The three core technology areas of Elehope include environment & product monitoring, wireless communications, and effective energy-saving solutions. Elehope focuses on the health and lifestyle of people. We provide consumer products related to home environment, personal sport, and personal communications. We also develop technologies related to wireless terminals for communications, remote control for large-scale systems, quality control for mass production in factories, product identification, signal acquisition and information extraction, mode recognition, and energy-saving solutions for green building and transport.

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