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- Indoor environment & Health

- Sight protection

- E-DNA and it applications

- Intelligent transport

- Wireless communications

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285, East Luochuan Road,  Shanghai, China

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Shanghai Elehope Electronics Ltd. provides electronic products for the health and convenient lifestyle of consumers, as well as providing technical solutions and services to professional customers in the related areas. The three core technology areas of Elehope are environment & product monitoring, wireless communications, and effective energy-saving solutions.


New products

Professional designs and solutions


Elehope provides professional designs and solutions in the area of ICT.

1. Environment & Product monitoring

Based on the very strong expertise in informatics, Elehope provides solutions for extracting critical information from various sources. The solutions cover a wide range of technologies ranging from acquisition of signal from the source, processing of the obtained signals, interpretation of the signals, and application of the extracted information to real systems. Applications of the technologies are, but not limited to, product intelligent home environment systems, air quality improvement, identification and quality control of electronic products.

- Indoor environment monitoring

- Air quality detection & control

- Electronic DNA (E-ENA)


2. Wireless communications

In the rapidly growing market of China, Elehope provides both module and system-level designs for wireless communications. While most of the solutions are based on terminals for personal communications, we also provide system solutions for small/medium-scale networks. Typical applications include personal communications, body/health monitoring and lighting control.

- Wireless terminals
Remote control

- Mobile-based applications



3. Energy saving

Saving energy in people's daily life has become increasingly important for the sustainable development of the society. Elehope develops intelligent technologies helping people to save energy without impacting the quality of their life.

- ICT for green building

- ICT for energy-efficient transport




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